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Customer Connect Rewards for Ecwid

User Guide for Customer Connect for Ecwid

  • About Customer Connect

  • Overview

    Customer Connect is a comprehensive loyalty platform that allows business owners to create a loyal base of customers. Customer Connect's loyalty platform has three major components. A client portal for the merchant to perform marketing/loyalty related activities, integration into the shopping cart so that your customers can easily purchase rewards and apply discounts while shopping, and a mobile app for your customers to check their point balance, purchase rewards through mobile app and check their purchase history plus a lot more.

  • Features at a glance

    Customer Connect is not just a loyalty system, it is a complete marketing platform. Its full features list is too long and extensive to be listed here - however, here are a few key features:

    No Mobile App Needed: While we do have a mobile app and your customers are more engaged if they use it, they do not have to.

    Link Multiple Locations: Customer Connect allows you to link your multiple locations into a single program. This means that if you also have a brick-and-mortar store and use a supported POS system - such as the current Clover POS - then your online and offline customers can be part of the same loyalty program.

    Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Customer Connect provides a very powerful targeted marketing feature that allows you to send relevant offers to your customers. With this feature, you are not sending one-size-fits-all offers to all your customers but rather offers that matter to them. You can target customers who have shopped, are shopping, or are not shopping frequently enough, or have customers who have bought certain products or have spent a certain amount of money with you. The possibilities are endless.

    Customer Management: You can easily adjust your customer's points, issue offers to them manually, expire certain offers from customer's wallet, opt customers out of targeted marketing, or delete them altogather from your database.

    Customer Ranking: Customer Connect uses a proprietary algorithm to rank your customers once a month based on their visits and spending behavior. The customers are ranked as VIP, Average, and Needs Attention. You can then target specific customers using this ranking as selection criteria.

    Surveys: Customer Connect has a very powerful and intuitive survey feature that can be used to gauge customer satisfaction, or research a new product that you may be thinking of introducing. The survey feature is fully integrated with the incentive system as well as targeted campaigns, so you can select who you want to invite to take surveys.

    Easier Redemptions: It is very easy for customers to redeem rewards that they have purchased. This does not involve a mobile app and is very intuitive.

    Multiple use rewards: You can optionally create a reward to be used multiple times. So for example, you can offer a reward that can be used 10 times, each time allowing one free haircut.

    Intelligent Offers: Customer Connect’s offers are intelligent and help business owners enforce certain rules such as: minimum order amount, or required purchase of certain products for the offer to be redeemable. Offers can also be restricted to certain hours of the day to help drive traffic during non-busy hours.

    Prepaids: Prepaids allow business owners to sell a package of products and services that your customers purchase on a regular basis. The benefit of a prepaid package is that you get money upfront for future purchases while your customers get them at discount. Customer Connect automates the issuance of prepaid packages, tracks their usage, and applies proper discount automatically.

    Clubcard: Clubcards are digital membership cards that can be sold for a price. Clubcards are a great instrument to ensure repeat business by giving discounts on purchases and also optionally giving bonus points. Customer Connect automates the issuance of Clubcards and once purchased, automatically applies the configured discount.

    Powerful Incentive System: Customer Connect is all about changing customer's behavior through motivating incentives. You can create incentives for customers to enroll, or signup through a unique URL, or make their first purchase. Incentives can be created for customers to share offers on their Facebook wall, or Twitter account, or post a review on Facebook or Twitter.

    Gifting a reward: We allow your customers to gift a reward that they have in their wallet to another customer.

  • Pre-requisite

    Customer Connect can only be used by paid Ecwid members.

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Installation

    When you install Customer Connect app from Ecwid's control panel, you will be presented this panel. This panel is pre-filled with your business information. You can make any changes to your account and then hit "Create Account" button.

    Once your account is created, you will see the page below, as well as receive an account activation email on the specified email address.


    At this point you must activate your account in order to move on. The account is activated by opening the email that is sent to you and clicking on the "Activate Account" button in that email.

  • Basic Configuration

    Once the app has been installed and account has been set-up, there is some basic configuration that must be performed.

    Upload your logo: Any communication that goes from you to your customers has your company's logo and your company's name and address. At the moment, we are not able to pull your logo directly from Ecwid so you must upload your company's logo.


    Select "Account Details" from the top right menu and upload logo file here.

    Upload your banner file: Many of your customers might also use our mobile app called "Kikkle". This app has a screen that shows only your business's data such as their wallet and your reward catalog. The banner picture is shown on the top of this screen. Generally speaking if you have a facebook cover photo, that serves well as the banner picture.

    Banner picture is also uploaded on the Account Details page.

    Create a reward catalog: In Customer Connect, your customers earn a point for every dollar (or a fraction thereof) they spend. The first question they ask is "what am I going to get for my points". You can create a reward catalog where the price of rewards is specified in terms of points. It is generally a good idea to create atleast 2-3 rewards so that your customers have a choice of rewards.

  • Basic Concepts

    Points Earning: In Customer Connect, your custsomers earn a point for every dollar (or a fraction thereof) they spend. If the customer spends $1 they get 1 point. But if they spent $1.10 they get 2 points. Please take that into account when you set the price for rewards.

    Reward Catalog: A reward catalog holds offers of type reward. As customers earn points, they can exchange points for rewards. This is an irreversable process. Once a reward is purchased, it is put in the customer's wallet and points are deducted from their point balance.

    My Wallet: The customer's wallet holds all the offers the customer has from your store. This is where the offers are picked from when applying to an order.

    When the customer is not on the shopping cart page, the wallet will show all offers in the customer's wallet. Many of these offers may also have conditions attached to them (e.g. $5 off on an order of $20 or more).

    When the wallet is opened from the shopping cart page, at this time, the wallet will show only those offers that can actually be applied to the current order. So in the above example, if the order value is less than $20 then even though the customer may have the reward in their wallet, it will not show as available for selection because its conditions are not fulfilled.

  • Types of Offers

    Any marketing/loyalty program has two key objectives a) make customers shop at your online store more often and b) to encourage them to spend more on every visit than they would other wise.

    Customer Connect provides 4 different types of offers, each designed to achieve these two objectives in a different way.

    Rewards: Rewards are those offers that go in the reward catalog. Customers earn points by spending money at your store and then they use those points to purchase the rewards. So rewards are earned offers.

    Coupons: Coupons are giveaways. They are primarily used as incentives. For example, you can create an incentive to encourage customers to enroll in your loyalty program. Another good example is for you to run a campaign targeting customers who have stopped shopping and send them an offer to encourage them to shop.

    Prepaid: Prepaids are good for those products and services that customers purchase on a regular basis.

    Prepaid rewards are always specific to either one or more product categories or skus.

    Clubcard: Clubcards are memberships (no physical card) that are designed to be sold for a sum of money and can be configured to give a regular discount to the those who have purchased it.

  • Creating Simple Offers

    Simple offers are rewards or coupons created at order level without any specific conditions. In order to create any offer, please select Offers from the menu of the left.


    Creating simple offer require 4 simple questions for rewards and 3 for coupons. It makes reasonable assumptions for other fields and creates the offer at order level.

    These offers can be edited once created to fine tune them.

    You can also select "Advanced Offer" to use the detailed screen to create an offer.

  • Creating Product Level Offers

    An order level offer is one which gives order level discount regardless of what is being purchased. These are simple offers but you can also create offers that are very specific to either one or more categories of products or specific SKUs.

    Please select "Advanced Offers" to create a product product level offer.


    Select "Products" on the Apply Discount field and then either provide one or more product categories or one or more product SKUs. Since SKUs are more specific, if SKUs are provided then Customer Connect will ignore product categories, even if they are provided.

    Enter a product category or a SKU and then hit tab. It will convert to a blue box.

    Product categories or SKUs that are entered here have to match product categories or SKUs in Ecwid's product catalog verbatim.

    When opening the wallet on the shopping cart page, only those product level rewards will be shown that can be redeemed depending upon the items being purchased.

  • Creating Prepaid

    Prepaids are well suited for items that customers purchase on a regular basis. For example, imagine that your customers purchase a jar of protein every 2 weeks. Imagine that each jar costs $50. So 5 jars would cost $250. Now if you create a prepaid package of 5 jars of protein for $230. This is a win-win for you and your customers. For you because your customer is prepaying and you are getting your money upfront. It is a win for your customer because they are getting a discount on something that they were going to purchase on a regular basis any way.

    Going with the above example, we need two products in Ecwid's product catalog. One item will represent the purchase of the prepaid package - let us give it SKU 11111111990. The second item will be the actual purchase of a single jar of proteing - let us give the SKU 11111111888.


    When a customer purchases the item with SKU 11111111990, the prepaid will be issued to the customer's wallet. Once the offer is in the customer's wallet, next time when the customer purchases the item with SKU 11111111888, the prepaid will show in the wallet. If the item with 11111111888 is not purchased, the prepaid will not be shown. When the offer is applied to the current order, a disount of $50 will be applied to the order and the usage count will be reduced to 4 instead of 5. Once it has been used 5 times, it will be removed from the wallet.

  • Creating Clubcard

    Clubcards are designed to create different membership levels. Customers who purchase these memberships receive configured discounts on every purchase. These discounts can either be order level or can be designed to give disocunt on specific items.

    Clubcards can also be configured to give bonus points and track how much the customer has saved because of this card.

    Setting up a clubcard is very similar to creating a prepaid. You have to create an item in Ecwid product catalog that will be purchased to purchase the clubcard. Once that item is purchased, the clubcard is issued to the customer's wallet.

  • Shopping Process

  • Customer Enrollment

    When a customer tries to access the reward wallet and is not logged in, he will be prompted to first login to Ecwid. Once the customer is logged in, the system will first verify, using the customer's email, that the customer exists in Customer Connect. If he does, then his wallet and point balance will be retrieved. If he is not in Customer Connect database, then the following form will be presented to him for enrollment.


    Once the customer clicks on "Enroll", an account activation email is sent to the customer. This email gives the customer the opportunity to activate their loyalty account and also create a password that will allow them to log into it, after they download it.

    Verification is desired but not absolutely necessary. A customer with unverified email can continue to earn points, purchase rewards and redeem them. However they cannot log in to the mobile app or receive marketing campaigns.

    Customer Connect allows the online store to run targeted marketing campaigns. However, the targeted marketing campaigns can only be sent to verified emails addresses. This is why it is to your benefit to setup an incentive for the customers to receive once they verify their email.

  • Viewing the Wallet

    A customer's wallet all hold offers he has from your online store. Customers can view their wallet anytime while they are in the store. However, they can select a reward to redeem only when they are on the shopping cart page.

  • Purchasing Rewards

    Customers earn points for the money they spend in the store. These points are then used as currency to purchase rewards from the catalog.


    When a reward is purchased, the number of points it costs will be deducted form the balance and the reward is put in the customer's wallet.

  • Applying Discounts

    An offer can only be selected when you are on the shopping cart page.


    A blue banner with a helpful message shows up when an offer can be selected form the wallet. When that blue banner is not present, the offer cannot be selected.


    Once the offer has been selected, its associated discount will show up in the gray box on the right side along with its name.

    At this time, the offer has not yet been removed form the wallet. If a different offer is selected form the wallet, the previous will be repalced. Selecting the same offer form the wallet will not apply another discount. It won't do anything.

    Following the normal flow, the customer will hit Checkout button and see the following page.


    Again, continuing the normal checkout flow, the customer makes the payment and finishes the order.


    At this time, the sale is recorded in Customer Conenct database and the offer that was used is marked as redeemed.